Thermal Imaging Cameras

Isn‘t it amazing, how technology can show us so much more than the reality we see with our eyes? I love love love working with our thermal imaging camera! As you can see, I can combine coffee drinking and experimenting and that means fun (and, depending on the amount of caffeine maybe even fast fun).

The thermal image detected by the camera is actually a visualization of the infrared spectrum an object emits. Infrared are electromagnetic waves with wavelengths longer than the visible light (which is between 400 and 700 nanometers). Thermal imaging cameras can detect wavelengths up to 14000 nanometers! The emitted electromagnetic waves are part of the so-called black body radiation as a function of the items temperature. The thermal imaging camera detects this radiation and, combined with the image of the tablet the infrared camera is attached to, we can see the picture.

Thank you to my dear friend @fascinocean_kiel for the picture!

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