Simple model of an electric motor

There is nothing more satisfying than building your own model of already functioning technology to understand the mechanisms behind it. In today’s post I’ll show you how you can build your own model of an electric engine.

I’ve always thought of engines as these abstract constructs hidden under the bonnet and ultimately complicated to understand. And then I found out there are models about engines, for example the electric motor, which I want to show you today. Also I have a nice, short instruction on how you can build your very own electric motor. All you need are safety pins, copper coil, batteries, a wooden board, plate magnets, a plier, a knife, maybe some regular wire, a soldering iron and some glue:

(1) Open the safety pins and stick them into the wooden board. The eyelets have to be on the same height. Connect the batteries to the safety pins.

(2) Wrap the copper coil at least ten times around a round object, for example a broomstick. The ends of the wrapped coil have to stick out a few centimeters.

(3) With the knive, carefully strip half of the copper coil ends from their isolation. These spots are used to make contact with the eyelets of the safety pins.

(4) Put the ends of your rotor coil through the eyelets and glue the magnet to the board under the coil. Turn the rotor by hand. It should start turning by itself then.

I really like this experiment because it is so easily self-made and is the perfect demonstration for further explanations of the functionality of an electric engine. Tell me if you tried it!

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