I’m Alice, second year PhD candidate in physics education. My background is in mathematics and physics education.

Ever since indulging in the fascinating world of Science Education Research I especially enjoy going back to the basics and communicating hands-on experiments which can easily be reproduced at home of in any classroom. My demand on the experiments I present is that they are simple and effective in showing fascinating phenomena. They can be brought in every home and classroom, because when I can do it – you can do it!

Besides showing cool hands-on experiments I also document my PhD journey. As this is a really exciting and formative time of my life, I want to give you insights into the field of science education research.

Science Show Talk 23.06.2019

I had a talk at the Science Show in June 2019 and got recorded. I talked about why the research on professional development for science teachers is important and what I found out so far. You can enjoy this video of it, including the rather tasteless cover-band playing in the background. Unfortunately, the talk is in German.

Interview with Mandelbrot Talk

In January 2019, a colleague of mine (check her out: @judith_schidlo) and I were interviewed by the amazing Jeanette from the Science Communication Podcast Mandelbrot Talks. You can find the episode here: http://mandelbrot-talks.de/2019/01/18/mbt028_didaktikforschung/

Unfortunately, the Podcast is only available in German.